APRIL 8: Gwendolyn Lockman (COL ’16)

Gwendolyn Lockman

Gwendolyn Lockman
Legal Coordinator
Washington Nationals Baseball Club

DATE: Saturday, April 8
LOCATION: Home (location given to student RSVPs)

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Gwen Lockman is a 2016 grad from the College currently working for the Washington Nationals as the Coordinator for the Legal department. She was an American Studies major with minors in Government and History. Gwen spent her summers as a legislative intern for Senator Jon Tester, an administrative intern for a law firm in her hometown of Missoula, Montana, and as a volunteer English teacher in Hungary and Slovakia with Learning Enterprises. Gwen was an RA at GU for three years, two of which she spent overseeing the Magis Row community. In addition to juggling anywhere between two and four part-time jobs on campus, countless trips back and forth to the Verizon Center with the Pep Band, and weekend rehearsals for Georgetown Cabaret student rock band, Gwen volunteered as a mentor at the Washington Nationals Youth Baseball Academy, where she continues to volunteer as an employee of its parent organization.

Gwen’s LinkedIn


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