APRIL 7: Aldrinana Leung (SFS’07), Amanda Gant (SFS’07, GPPI’12), Darien Luce (SFS’08), Justine Wu (COL’09), Martin Skold (SFS’05), Krystle Corpuz (SFS’09), Lin Fu (SFS’06), Christina Goodlander (SFS’07), Shelly Zhao (SFS ’09)


Aldrinana Leung,
Global Partnerships Advisor,
Presidential Management Fellow
U.S. Department of State
Secretary’s Global Partnership Initiative

Amanda Gant, Project Manager
at CRDF Global

Christina Goodlander

Justine Wu
Director of Consulting Programs at Compass

Krystle Corpuz
Senior Business Analyst

Lin Fu
Visiting Fellow
The Brookings Institution

Shelly Zhao
Trade Analyst
Department of Commerce

Martin Skold

DATE: Friday, April 7
LOCATION: Home (location given to student RSVPs)

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